An important component of the ISID research infrastructure is the On-line Index (OLI) to Indian Social Science journals and Press Clippings files (PCI) of national English dailies.

Index to 105 Indian Social Science Journals enables users to search for references on the basis  of string (series of characters) either for author's name, or words in titles for selected journals -- most of them since their first volume.

Press Clipping files generated by the Institute, cover India's major 15 English Language Newspapers and the press clippings are categorised under 58 Subject Heads.  These subjects cover not only economic news, catalogued industry and issue-wise, but also important news and information on political, social and other developmental issues.  Important news items, articles, editorials and book reviews are maintained chronologically since 1980-81 in the form of bound volumes.  Beginning from 1990, titles of important clippings in all subjects have been placed in a  database.

The National Informatics Centre (NIC) has chosen ISID to host the NIC-ISID Center for Exchange of Databases. The Web page of the Institute provides access to two open databases on a round-the-clock basis to Internet users. This facility is being upgraded with High Speed NICNET connectivity which would enable faster data transfer and video conferencing.

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